the turning point

in life, it is necessary to socialize. sometimes, it is better to be alone and think things over.

in my life, i have done a lot of thinking over, and yet, i still cannot get hold of the answers i needed.

now, i present to you something new in my life. i have been thinking and i always forget what i wanted to retain. it might be a loss of memory disorder or i don’t just pay attention.

i want this blog to be as anonymous as possible.

if i would introduce myself, it would be as vague as possible.

i am thinking of subtitling this blog as “The Mind of a 19 Year Old”. but, if i were to keep this blog, i wouldn’t be always 19 years old, am i? so, I’m resorting to changing the subtitle as i age.


* i am male.

* i am a college student.

* i am very active in sports.

* i love adventure.

* i am raised a Christian and yet, i have trouble practicing it

* i believe that there will come a time when the world will be united.


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