the other side

i have a very strong feeling that people have a wrong idea about what fairness in life means.


most people would complain about life not being fair. pero, what do we really mean by fairness?

Wiktionary (a very reliable source, if i may add) defines fairness as the property of being fair. while fair is synonymous to just or equitable.

now, tell me, what is fairness in life? most people would say that life is fair when we receive many blessings and have things go our way.


this is where people have the wrong notion of what a just or equitable life is.

fairness in life, for me, is having your share of ups and downs. we can never say that life is being unfair or we can never conclude that life will be or has been unfair to us.


life is fair since we all get to experience the top and bottom of the wheel.

the word unfair comes from of the mouth of people  who would look into their burdens and forget about their blessings. sometimes, we are so blinded by our problems that we tend to forget that we also receive blessings to keep the scale balanced.


life is fair to you, it is how you look at life which is unfair. it is unfair that you see yourself as a victim of life – you would always find someone who is at a much better state than you. it is so unfair that you see that life has given you everything you need – you would always find someone whom you can say you are much better.


what is unfair is how we treat ourselves and our lives.


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