to take the chance

many people wonder when they will get the chance to do everything they want to do.

and, many people also just wait for the chance to do the things they want to do.


it sounds like they advice they give you when you search for love. love daw should not be searched. you’d rather wait for it to come to you. and, thus, compared to a butterfly. love is like a butterfly, it sits on you when you don’t move. 


but hey, no butterfly will come to you unless you are a very pretty flower.


what i meant to say is, if you’ve got something going on and you want to do/have something, do everything in your power to make it happen.


this leads me to a certain situation that were all connected [in a way].


there was this exhibit at school that featured personalities who graduated from our school. the exhibit was sponsored by some organization, Organization X. Organization X believes that every one of us is destined to do something. or they believe in the achievement of a person’s purpose in life. they want to help people answer the question, “What am I here for?” i very much like the idea of such organization. i truly believe in their goals and objectives – because, i am that kind of person. 

i also believe that we are born on this world for a purpose. we are all given our passions to make that purpose happen. and what i want to do is:

1. define my passion. and from there fulfill my said purpose in life.

2. influence others in finding their niche in this world. and help them realize it.

3. help other people help other people.

all in all, i want to find myself even more and from there i really want to help other people. 


anyway, after seeing the exhibit, i was happy. however, i had second thoughts about joining. i was thinking about my other commitments, my academics, my other responsibilities. i have enough responsibilities as it is, am i willing to add more?


that was when i found a book in Book Sale entitled Do It! Let’s Get Off Our Buts. in the short run, it tells you that when you want to do something, do it. don’t worry about everything else, just do it. it’s like a tagalong saying, kung gusto may paraan kung ayaw, maraming dahilan. it sounds like that. however, it does tell me more than that. it also tells me about negative feelings and how to make good use of it. 



after that happened to me, i realized that God wants me to do something. yes, i still believe that God controls our life and lays out choices for us to take. however, in this situation, He shows me the way and lays the path for me to take. i know that he knows what my passions are. and i know that he knows that i’ve been waiting for opportunities to make them happen.


now, what am i waiting for? i am waiting for everything to subside first – my academics and responsibilities. when the time comes, it is then that i plan what am i to do. but, one thing is for sure, wherever i may go, He would always be there to support me. even though, it is not the path He wanted me to take. kasi, if i were meant to be somewhere else, He would always make a way for me to be there. 


that i know of. and that, i’ve experienced. trust me.


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