a rock thrown at me

i am currently experiencing the situation wherein everything you have is taken away form you.


and i am telling you that instead of crying my heart out, i am thinking of turning my life around to get them back.



ok, i am going to tell you what life stole from me:

1. my academics. i got delayed.

2. i was not accepted into the position i was applying for. 

3. my contact lenses were torn by my cousin.


these may be three small things but they mean a lot to me. a whole lot.


do you know the saying about God and throwing rocks at you? it goes something like this.


If you are on the wrong path, God will throw rocks at you. If you are stubborn enough to listen, better endure the pain of rocks thrown at you.


now, God just threw a rock at me. i am convinced that He wanted me to do something else. in short, He wanted me to straighten out my life. and that, i will do.

i am very sorry that it took a very long while until I got the message or i decided to listen. but, it is always better late than never.


at the start of this year, i said to myself i would change. the first quarter was a jet lag of last year. starting this april or even right now, i will change my life’s direction. it is towards where God wants me to be. i may not have the exact idea where, but, i will feel it if i’m there.



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