the judgement rule

the day was alright considering na i have exams and all.

it was a great day over-all. pero, a day in this house does not end without a fight – no matter how small. true enough meron kanina. pero, since i said i am changing, hindi na ako pumatol. yes, masama ang pumatol sa nakatatanda even though you know that you are on the right side of the world.

to tell you the truth, i am proud to say na i am one of those people na walang pakialam sa kung ano ang tingin sa kanila ng marami. it is in my philosophy not to care so much. and, more than that, i can take any judgment openly. i mean, no hard feelings.

but if your own family judges you for something you obviously are not, ibang usapan na. it was earlier today when my aunt knocks on the door to the computer room. and, after a while, she was screaming her lungs out telling me that i might be onto something.

yun, hinayaan ko lang.

pero, yung sabihan kang baka nasa sindikato ka at nagda-drugs, yun ang hindi ko mapalalampas.

i know that they had the right thing in mind – probably, to protect me from any harm. but, at that moment, i was just so mad at them.

i couldnt even work out where they got the idea of me being into drugs or working in a sindikato.

they should know better.

and, i would say that they should practice what they preach. they should not go saying dont judge others or flush the toilet if they dont even do it themselves. parang, we live up to them. they should be our role models.

also, they should not go blaming my friends for who i am. hindi ba nila alam na a child starts learning at home? sila din may kasalanan kung bakit ako ganto.

maybe they should change na din.

and for a start, stop taking everything out on me.


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