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hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.

Posted in life stories, thoughts on 29April2008 by jod

i had that very much coveted perfect score in our ES12 second long exam. i know i deserve it. just let me wallow in my pride for a moment.

okay. because of that i had my hair cut. apparently, i was given money to have my hair cut. haha. summer is taking it’s toll on me and even though i had short hair, it still feels hot. naturally, i said that i wanted a semikal cut.

it was the first time that i encountered someone asking me what type of semikal cut i wanted. was it a 1 or a 2. the semikal 1 is a bit shorter than the 2. so, i said that i wanted it to be 2.

hair. the hair is a person’s crowning glory.

i have a lot of stories regarding hair and our hair has a lot of stories about us. first of all, hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. they grow from follicles in our skin.

a healthy hair indicates health and youth. and its color can be associated with our ethnic ancestry.

i know that there are a lot of stories related to hair. but, i have my own story to tell.

last december, i had my hair colored orange. this was for the dance routine we made to compete in the annual engineering dance contest.

the theme was Anime and we picked BLEACH. i was asked to play the part of Ichigo, the anime’s main character. the three other people in the picture are Isada, Iyume and Sado – the anime’s other protagonists.

Bleach is about a high school boy who can see spirits. and eventually, attained the power of death gods who deliver the souls to their rightful place in Soul Society. watch the anime. šŸ˜€

it was fun dyeing my hair orange. i really wanted for it to stay that way. however, my mother insisted that we bring it back to its natural color.

i wanted something to be unique about me. and i want it not to be implied but to be shown.

but, then, i realized that i need not show off my uniqueness. it does not settle on hair alone. or the way we dress.

what we are as a person says more than how we dress or what perfume brand that we sport.

if i were to show who i am as a person, i also figured out that orange does not seem to tell everybody about me. what would an orange hair share about me? Orange is said to be shared by people whose aura is of intellectual ambition. or as Theosophy would explain it, orange represents concrete science. or based on Chakra, it is a symbol of a person’s reproductive parts.

neither of these things or any other way of representing orange has any relation to me. so, naturally, i would leave it and let myself be. and, as they always say, let’s make it simple.


idealism springs from deep feelings, but feelings are nothing without the formulated idea that keeps them whole.

Posted in life stories on 28April2008 by jod

what made me smile today has something to do with my latest entry.

if you have been reading my blog, you will know of the future i behold or believe to.

after people read this entry, there were two things that i expect them to react. it was either they give me moral support (yeah! go! you can do it!) or discourage me of these things (the world is too big for you!).

i tell you from this day on, i am not your usual teenager or, come October, not your usual young adult.

i think that my best asset, as of today is my idealism. i still believe in many things that people do not believe in, nowadays.

yes, i am idealistic however i do not forget the aspect called reality.

i will always deal with life ideally and yet be limited by reality.

so, what really made my day?

i love the way people discouraged me. i mean, there were a lot of comments (not written) that are negative in nature.

i just smiled at them. because to me, they are a challenge.

wouldn’t it be nicer to prove them wrong than to prove them right? i know it is really easy to show them that such dreams cannot be achieved. however, it would be more fulfilling to prove them wrong.

to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Posted in thoughts on 26April2008 by jod

by the time we get into college, we often think of what we want to do after we finish our degree.

i have also been thinking for quite some time now – try 3 years, of what i want to do after i graduate. and through these three years, a couple of things became solid rather than just abstracts and ideas.

these dreams are very much like goals to me now as they are not merely things that i dream of but they are things i want to achieve. i made a short list of what i want to do after i graduate.

1. Get a Master’s Degree

i don’t want to settle for a bachelor’s degree alone. i am enjoying studying and going to school. after BSIE with Psych units, i am going to take up a master’s degree in Human Resources Management or something that is related to it.

in addition, i want to target foreign universities that offer scholarship to foreign students. therefore, i am not only there to study but to travel as well. also, i would want to experience the education of a foreign country and their culture, too.

2. Be a Bum

haha. i am not choosing this as a profession.

i mean, after almost 20 or so years of studying, don’t i deserve some rest? don’t we all?

kahit 3 months lang.

after school you might want to try be a bum for a month or two. so you might experience what it is being free. i know it might lose the “momentum” of being in the zone. but hey, you can always bring that back.

i think i’ll be a bum for 2 or 3 months. while being a bum, i’ll be searching for the perfect job.

3. Work in HR Department

i couldn’t be more specific with where i want to work. unlike my block mates in college, i am going to pursue a career in Human Resources. it does not sound IE-ish but it is where i want to work. if you would think about it i am a mix of an IE and a Psych undergraduate.

so, normally, i would be entering this field. and only this field. okay, i might consider teaching. haha.

4. Buy Self Something Nice

given that i get a job that i like with a good pay, i would be buying myself something expensive as proof of my income. woohoo. šŸ™‚

it may be a brand new model of phone, a digicam (if i still don’t have one by then) or possibly anything i want at the moment that my income can accommodate.

i would be doing this as this is what i’ve studied for more than 20+ years, to earn money.

and, spending your first salary can give you fulfillment since you’ve bought your own stuff with your OWN money.

or maybe, if i were to feel generous at that time, i might take my friends out and dine or better yet, the family.

5. Save Money then Buy My Parents a House

yes, after buying myself something expensive, the next expensive thing i am going to buy is my parent’s house.

my parents have been dealing with the problem of having to transfer from one house to another. and i don’t want them doing that.

i’ll be buying a house big enough for them and my family. yes. i will be living with them. since i was not able to live with them throughout my growing up process, i will be with them now that i’m grown up.

i won’t be buying myself a car or my own condominium unit. i will first service to my parents and not until then that i would buy anything for myself.

i know that i am not required or expected to do these things, but, it is of my own free will.

6. Adopt a Child

after buying my parents a house and after i saved enough money to raise a child, i’ll be adopting one.

you heard it right, folks. i will not be reason for another person to be born in this world. i would want to nurture a person that is already living. this is not out of promiscuity or fear of commitment. i just do not want to add 1to the ever increasing population of the world.

i don’t care what gender it is or maybe it would be better if it is a boy.

i will raise him as my own. my inclination to picking a boy for a child might be because, growing up, i never had brothers.

i would train him in any sport he would like and be the best in that sport. then maybe he will become school varsity or a member of the Philippine Team.

i will not let him experience the things i’ve experienced as a child. i know that i will be the best father! yes!

7. Send my Cousin to School

this is an alternative path to number 6. my aunt is now negotiating with me regarding my cousin’s college education. does she think that i will be earning that much money? anyway, i am flattered by the way she picked me to sponsor her child’s education.

all i ask of her that he will be studying in UP and only UP. there is no other choice. i do not care what course he will take but he must study in UP.

i know that in my heart all of these things are attainable. once i put my heart into it, i know that i can do wonders. and, if it’s God’s will, it will happen.

i mean, these things are not formulated minutes ago. i’ve been dreaming and thinking of these things after i entered college. these are imprinted on my mind and my heart.

this is the future i want to build – be self-fulfilled, be of service to parents and be of service to others. after i conquer it all, i am proud to say that i have lived my life to the fullest. dreaming of these things alone bring joy what more if i actually put these things into life?

anger always comes from frustrated expectations.

Posted in my rants on 26April2008 by jod

i just came out of an ES12 exam. and, i can say that it was pretty easy.

sobrang nagmamadali lang ako kanina kaya medyo maaga ako natapos ang i had the wrong answers. i checked it and my answers matched the choices. woohoo. i hope i get a 90+ on this one. i deserve it, i know.

what i don’t deserve, on the other hand is to be ditched by someone who said that he’d be meeting me in iBlog4.

i was there earlier and left for Eng’g to take an exam. i planned to go back but after the exam, here i am at SC, blogging. i am just so pissed that i can’t bear to go back to the place anymore.

i just savored the moment while i was there. i had nobody to talk to so i decided to study for ES12 na lang. anyway, it was air conditioned so it was pretty comfortable.

i remember answering a Geneva Wheel problem while the pro-blogger related talk was going on.

parang, just make the best out of each moment.

so, the next time i will attend iBlog, i will make sure that a friend will be there with me.

i made a big deal out of this because i am not used to going to events/things/seminars/summits without knowing anybody who is also going. and, it is not in me to just approach somebody and ask for his or her name.

anyway, this would have been a ranting entry, but i thought that ranting about this does not do anybody good.

i expected too much of the person. and, as they all say, EXPECTATION is the source of almost all FRUSTRATIONS.

creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature

Posted in school related on 24April2008 by jod

to start off, the house is being repainted today. and, my room is the second room to be painted.

my once Ateneo-colored room has now evolved into UST colors. yes, ladies and gentlemen, my room colors are yellow, black and white.

so, right now, i don’t know what to say. i know that i’ve asked it to be painted mint or apple green as it is my favorite color. however, that reminder did not seem to work. i might as well, paint the house with reminders the next time they want to repaint.

i mean that there is nothing wrong with yellow, black and white. but, as it is my room, don’t you think i have enough power to dictate which color i want it to be painted with?

i want to tell you that this is a completely random entry.


i had my ES12 exam last saturday. and to tell you the truth, i have been enjoying every ES12 class. i wouldnt miss one for the world. anyway, i enjoy it not because the teacher is funny or i have a crush on a classmate but i enjoy it because i learn loads of things. unlike ES11, i have a very cool professor. Sir Bok of ES11 is cool, too. however, meeting a professor like Sir Danao changes your perspective on things.

in two or three meetings, we’ve tackled the coverage of the whole exam. he may teach a little too fast but i assure you that you will understand every word he says. and for the rest of the week, we do exercises so that by next saturday, we are well prepared.

the results were out. and i am proud that i got the highest score of all takers. 92% BABY! woohoo.

i really missed the feeling of knowing that you are well prepared for an exam. masarap talaga ang feeling ng nakapag-aral para sa exam. it’s been quite a long while since i felt that way. siguro, IE27 days pa yun.

enough. i have another exam this saturday and i have to study early since i’m going to iBlog4! see you there!


tonight is IE awards night. it is an annual (?) IE department event that honors the graduates and the undergraduates who did well in their project courses.

i helped design the venue, prepare the program and everything else Nats did. maybe, except marketing.

although we were very short of time because of the conflict of schedule, we all pushed through and gave our all for our beloved IE department. šŸ™‚

congrats to Ajee and her group for winning the Product Design and Development project award! wee.

maybe next year, i’ll do great and snatch one of those awards.

i mean, this is a great motivation for IE students to do their best in our projects. wouldn’t it be nice to be honored before many people because of doing well. would it? would it?


anyway, i really need to get a move with my ES12 studying. šŸ™‚

i need to do another high exam grade to raise my chances of getting a 1.something in it. šŸ™‚ yey!

a real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Posted in thoughts on 21April2008 by jod

in my life, i think i have encountered as much as 11,000 people. haha. not bad, ey?

and, these people, they would introduce to me their best friends, for some reason.

tonight, as i sit on the fx and having my face bombarded with cold air, i thought of this person called the best friend.

i never had a best friend. nor did i consider a friend the best i ever had. or maybe, i just don’t know how and when to pick one. or what criteria should a best friend satisfy.

i’ve interviewed a random number of people from my ym list and their answers are:

  1. taong mapagsasabihan ko ng sikreto ko
  2. laging andyan
  3. kilala ako
  4. sa kanya mo sinasabi ang lahat
  5. mahihingahan
  6. kayo through thick and thin
  7. mas importante sa bf/gf mo

looking at the list, even though it is short, not one person came into my mind. sure, if there is somebody that is fit for such title, he/she should run through your mind the moment you read the list.

what could be the problem with me?

i have been living my life in solitude for a couple of years now.Ā  what i mean is that iĀ  have been thinking that i don’t need others to share my problems with. i don’t need to tell my secrets to other people. i don’t really have to share with them my past and my life.

i never wanted a best friend. or it did not cross my mind that i needed one.

what do i need a best friend for? and why should you pinpoint whom you think is your best friend?

it isn’t life’s requirement to have a best friend. although, there are certain perks in having one. you would be having an all-around person who’ll be there for you in trouble. you’ll have an additional shoulder to cry on. you’ll have a 24/7 adviser. and more things that can be to your advantage.

no matter how good this kind of offer sounds, it does not really seem to entice me.

nowadays, i feel like standing on my own takes it’s toll on me. i am currently in need of someone standing by me. i have been carrying all of these weight ever since and i think it is better that i share it with somebody who would want to share it with me.

but, as everything in this world is, it’s not easy to do.

scientists announced that they have located the gene for alcoholism; they say they found it at a party, talking way too loudly.

Posted in life stories, my rants on 20April2008 by jod

i just came from a male blockmate’s debut last night. and, it was a lot of fun, a lot of gimmick and a whole lot of drinking.

it was past 11 when i heard of the news that somebody was drunk that he was able to tell his whole life story. anyway, i just heard bits and pieces of what he was saying.

the last part i heard was about drinking to make you look cool, to be with the in crowd and stuff like that.

you know what? i’ve experienced that.

there are a number of times i’ve been to drinking sessions. and there is even a greater number of times i’ve turned down a glass of alcoholic beverage.

i mean, i stand by my principle of not drinking. i can have fun in a drinking session without the drinking.

so, while he was ranting about these things, i was thinking about what he said, “i wouldn’t drink again so i would look cool.i wouldn’t want to smoke again because i don’t like it.” these are not verbatim but you can understand what he wanted to say.

these friends of yours, if they cannot accept the fact that you turned down their invitation to drink can not considered your friends. even if in the sake of fun, if they really are your friends, they will respect you no matter what.

there has been instances that i turned down shots or glasses of drinks. but, all these times, my friends would understand that i really don’t want to. its called the RESPECT for each other. i don’t ruin their night naman eh. so, it goes both ways. i let you have your fun, you let me have mine.


up until now, i stand by my principle. no drinking. no smoking. see, you can introduce me to your parents. i’m such a good boy. haha.

i am not a kill joy at parties even if i don’t drink- i just might turn down the offer. no, i will really turn down the offer. you can just let me deal with the chaser, sprite or coke will do.