if you want me to, i will

i remember form our psychology class that our childhood tells us so much why we act this way.

to tell you the turth, i have been a fan of Abraham Maslow ever since i learned about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and his humanistic theories.

humanistic theories in psychology, by the way, tells us that the experiences of a person help determine the person’s behavior and personality.

many times i have proven this through the mistakes i made and from the things i have learned.

i have been living in this house for almost 16 years. i live away from my parents and from my sisters who reside in another city.

in all of those 16 years, i am with my aunt who is single until now. and just recently, my sister moved in here.

to tell you the truth, i had such a lonely childhood. yes, i have friends but there were no friends that i could tell my secrets to or share my problems.

at that time, i was afraid of my aunt. kasi, i see my aunt as someone who would reprimand you whenever you tell her things.

so, naturally, i was on my own most of the time. through that, i learned to talk to myself.

and since all of my older siblings are girls, i cannot just tell them everything. also, our age differences mattered because they are just a year apart and i am 5 years down the road.

just earlier today, i had a chat with a friends whom i have not yet met.

he was ranting about this stuff and this stuff.

after that conversation, i told him something i have never told someone before.

i said to him na when someone wants to listen to him, he should take advantage of the opportunity.

kasi i know the feeling of wanting to talk but does not have someone to talk to. i dont want others to experience that. if i need to play the role of a brother who will just listen, i will.

i can also conclude from this memoir yung fear ko of sharing my problems and telling my life’s stories.

i would always feel that people wont take me seriously or would just reject if i tell them. kasi having my aunt around, i was never able to tell stories without her reprimanding me. mahirap talaga yun.

kaya, i learned to rely on my own. solve my own problems. do away with my own hurt feelings. in short, do everything on my own without relying on her.

and, i hope that one day, it will all change.


One Response to “if you want me to, i will”

  1. ohh, you can tell me anything you want.. hehe, i’m pretty open minded..

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