if you may

i just came in from an important event in Puerto Galera – last night.

that time, my father was asking me things about was it really important that i attended such event. i was somehow dumbfounded that he was actually asking those questions after the event and not before the event.

anyway, to make the long story short, he was trying to point out that the next time i might have an event to attend. i should have been not so indifferent about what is going on in the family.

at that moment, i was thinking that if ever it was my aunt talking i wouldn’t have taken it seriously. i would have been irritated and mad by then. it was not that ayokong pinagsasabihan ako, but ayoko yung tone ng tita ko whenver she talks to me about something.

you see, the difference between my father and my tita talking is that my father does not make judgments about me. my father talks to me in a general sort of way. parang “dapat, tayo ay…. blah blah”. my tita often points that i did something wrong or things like that.

i know i cant take sermons calmly. i just wanted to be talked to in a nice way.

my father also asked me about if i knew what was happening in the family. being brought up away from them, i was not really interested. pero, right now, i really want to be with them. i really want to spend my time with them. so, i continued on with the conversation.

my father was trying to instill to me values. this may sound very late but as we say it is better late than never. and, i think that i am very much open to what they want to teach me. we can always start from scratch. now that i am closer to them as i am before, it may be hard work to instill family values to me but, i am willing to take the time and effort.


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