what i would have done

delinquency stops right here.

after almost three years of studying in the university never did i felt the feeling of the need to study.

its true. all the grades i get were not all from hard work. sometimes, i would just pray to God that i pass a certain subject and then i do. it was the magic of prayer.

not until today, i was very lenient about studying. i would worry about exams the day before and do my projects a week before deadline. i would never open my books except crunch time. and would only try to solve problems 15 minutes before the exam starts.

i have not been a very good student. i did not live up to the noun, student. and, that is what my problems has been. i have said before that i had a different priority. was it worth it? no. would i gain from it? no.

so, i am changing the face of the game. i would be back to what i was in high school. i may not be popular, i may not be outgoing but i had something to be proud of. they may see me as the nerdy dorky type of person. but, hey, i have something much better going on.

i had a lot of problems. but what hurts most is that they are problems i caused. and, i did not do anything to make them right. so now, i have to face the fact of adding another year to my stay in the university. but, hey, it may be the opportunity i’ve been waiting for. i feel the need to redeem myself.

i promise this today, the 8th of april year 2008:

  • i will be as hardworking as i can be when it comes to my academics.
  • i would not be a delinquent student anymore.
  • no longer would i party without valid reason.
  • i will be lessening my involvement in different organizations not unless i am part of the committee.
  • i would no longer stay in school just to tambay but i will take every opportunity i get to study.
  • i would no longer surf the internet from one-to-sawa so that others can use the computer too and i can make use of the excess time studying.
  • no longer would i buy books for display but also for reading.

i have been a bad student. i’ve been through this before. and now, i am more willing to change. AJA!


One Response to “what i would have done”

  1. Ako rin, ganyan-ganyan ang resolutions! Tabula rasa na e! šŸ˜›

    Sana sana sana matupad natin. Yes? 8D

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