paving the way

i have always wanted to give back to something or someone i owe.

now, i have the chance and i will make this the best “giving back” gesture i have ever made. well, this is the first “giving back” gesture so it might as well be the standard of future “giving back:” gestures. i have this thinking that my puspose in life is to use all the things i enjoy doing in helping other people.

being an industrial engineering student, i used all my management skills to cover the restructure of a certain organization. i owe them big time as they help me provide for my needs in school – like my fees and books and more.

they do not need my help really. or they did not ask me to do something. its just that, i feel so nauseated when i hear that things do not go as planned. or some person takes over somebody else’s responsibilities. a part of an IEs job is to ensure that things work perfectly as planned or if they don’t provide a solution that will suffice.

so, now, i am proposing the restructure of such organization. no, don’t tell me that it might be too harsh to restructure. if you experience what is happening, there is nothing to improve as there really is nothing going on.

the proposal is not finished yet. i think it would be prepared by the middle of the week. i am pretty sure that this is one step into pursuing my dream of fulfilling my life’s purpose. this may not be the exact “thing”, but this is on the right path. and, i know it.


my professor was right, knowing basic concepts in IE will make you a critic in every way.

the other night, my sister told me of a site named Erasmus Mundus. it is a site that offers scholarship for master’s degrees in a consortium of European universities. there i found 2 master’s degree that i was interested in:

  1. WOPP – Masters on Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology
  2. IMIM – International Master of Industrial Management

i know that i still have three years ahead of me. however, there is nothing wrong with planning ahead. and i think that it will be better if i have these goals i want achieved.

i really want to take a masters degree in Human Resources Management because i am targeting the HR as my workplace. haha.

WOPP – Masters on Work Organization and Personnel Psychology
this is the next best thing to a masters degree in Human Resources Management. the only problem i have with this is that it requires a degree in psychology. it might mean that i still have to pursue a course in psychology after i graduate from my first course.

the universities in consortium are University of Valencia and University of Barcelona (Spain), Rene Descartes University Paris (France), Bologna University (Italy) and University of Coimbra (Portugal). They require you to be fluent in one of the languages of the universities – Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese. the consortium does not ask you to pick which campus would you want to study because you will be studying in all universities.

IMIM – International Master of Industrial Management
this is a kind of introductory course to management for science and engineering students. what i like about it is that it focuses on the management of manufacturing and service oriented companies in an internationally oriented way.

the consortium is made up of Technical University of Madrid (Spain), Technical University of Milan (Italy) and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (Sweden). i am really excited about all this.

now, all i have to do is to focus on my studies and garner a better GWA. so, what am i waiting for, i need to study!


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