history does not repeat itself; the historians repeat one another.

classes “officially” started today.

haha. may quotation marks ang officially because kahit na april 11 ang start of classes, professors do not really teach on that day. they will give you course outlines and house rules then everybody’s off.

i am taking up NatSci2 this summer. it is about the relation of Geology and Biology to tell us more about our planet. This morning, we started with the Bio lessons.

when we have an appreciation course of something, we always start with its history. for this lesson, our professor told us about two contrasting theories (he insisted on calling them models, instead) about the earth’s formation.

  1. Creation
  2. Big Bang

the creation model is about a God who created the world and everything in it. while the Big Bang theory, like what we learned in grade school, is about a massive explosion of some sort that resulted to the creation of the world and, like the creation, everything in it.

if i may point out, he told us that we can never integrate them all together as it would be confusing. yes, it would be confusing but wouldn’t it be critical for us students to try to see the relation of the Big Bang and Creation theories *ehem* models?

i, myself, do not know which to believe. i know that there is a God but i cannot tell you straight that he made this all happen. as for the scientific theories of the formation of the earth, i do believe some arguments that they present. up to now, i did not think about anything like this, the formation of the Earth.

while the class was going on, i had a discussion of my own. if God first ordered to have light and the Big Bang started out from a massive explosion, would it hurt to think that what God ordered to be light is the same massive explosion from the Big Bang?

i mean, we should not take the Bible literally. and, as scholars tried to explain, a day in the Creation wasn’t really convertible into what we know as Earth days. in fact, they say, it may be hundreds of years or maybe thousands or maybe millions or maybe some other number greater than those mentioned before.

another example is the evolution of a single-celled organism from non-living matter. the Creation tells us that God wanted to have plants. Later on the Big Bang model, before every animal roamed the land, plants spread out and came from eubacteria or some other small organism. [this is through research, of course] some may say it is just pure coincidence, but i think that there is a bigger meaning behind it all.

i tried to keep an open mind about everything the professor told us. and, somehow, i cannot accept the fact that every now and then he tells us that we cannot put these two theories (okay, models) together. it was very obvious to me that the Creation and Big Bang models relate to each other.

up until now, i didn’t care about how the world came to be. it was enough for me to know that i have someplace like the Earth to live in.

and now that the Earth is continually wrecked by my co-humans, is it possible that we ask God to make another one if ever we destroy this one? should i start praying now?


2 Responses to “history does not repeat itself; the historians repeat one another.”

  1. Mankind hasn’t experienced doomsday yet. But the earth is just recovering from it. In fact, according to some studies, the earth is a life clock itself. It will surely face destruction someday but it will always find a way to recover. Species will face extinction but on the day of the earth’s recovery, another set of species will take its place. In other words, the earth’s life is a cycle — it will face destruction, but it will eventually recover.

    Whew! I guess I had enough of Discovery Channel. Lol. You’re thysearchforself, right? Hehe. Thanks for visiting my blog. I linked you already, btw. 😀

  2. thysearchforself Says:


    now, you are Knowledge Channel-ing me. it may be an interesting documentary. but first, i have to establish what i believe in. 🙂

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