the human mind evolved to believe in gods; and, not to believe in biology

now i know the feeling of sitting in a class where the professor knows what he is talking about.

i started hating Bio when i took it in high school. the teacher was very lazy and does not have a sense of what teaching Bio is. our Bio lessons turned out to be a story of her and her reproductive issues. and, do i care about that? no.

turns out, our exams were just like the work sheets she made us answer – identify the different parts of a cell, draw an animal cell, enumerate the different families under phylum platyhelminthes. it was as easy as that but i do not tell you that i got a 99 in Bio. i got a 99 in Physics in 4th year, though. haha.

that high school experience made me not click the Enlist button beside the class Bio1 during online class enlistment. i swore that never again would i take up bio, ever.

this summer, however, due to the need of taking an MST GE subject, (UP jargon, MST GE subject is a general education subject that is Mathematical, Scientific or Technological in nature) which is a required 9 units for us engineers, i had no choice but to choose NatSci2. and i had no choice because other classes were full.

NatSci2 is part Geology and part Biology. i thought that half a summer of Bio wouldn’t hurt – it would be just 2.5 weeks compared to a whole 2.5 months if taken in a regular semester.

my professor proved me very wrong about what i believe Bio is. very wrong indeed. given a decent teacher, Bio is enjoyable, learn-able and fun and other things synonymous to both fun and enjoyable. even if he was tackling about biochemistry earlier, it was so much interesting. it was so interesting that i was drooling on my handouts. haha. it was not the Bio i had in high school.

the best thing i learned earlier is about hair rebonding. no, my teacher is not gay and it is not an extended cosmetology lesson.

*nosebleed moments ahead*

we were discussing about proteins earlier. and he said that hair is one best examples of protein with secondary bonds. secondary bonds of protein are either helical or creased. creased hair protein results to straight hair while helical hair protein is the cause of curly hair. wavy hair is somewhere in between.

anyway, the reason why curly hair straightens when it undergoes rebonding treatment is that mercaptoethanol is present in rebonding stuff (haha. obviously, i have no knowledge regarding hair rebonding). this marcaptoethanol breaks the disulfide bonds that holds the helical structure of the protein.

in effect, the mercaptoethanol lessens the disulfide bonds and forms the bonds that will hold the creased protein structure. in due time, these disulfide bonds will form again to return to its original helical shape.

if you ask about hair ironing, the iron does not dissolve the disulfide bonds, they just weaken them. so straightening hair from ironing does not last that long as from rebonding.

*nosebleed moment stops here*

this, by far, is the best example of a Bio, more like biochemistry, concept applied in real life. it made me appreciate the concept even more because i was able to see it in my environment.

if my professor today was my teacher in high school, i would have taken that Bio major spot in Manila.

but today, i still do not want Bio as a course. but, i am pretty sure i am much more interested now.


7 Responses to “the human mind evolved to believe in gods; and, not to believe in biology”

  1. Haha now I know how important my job is. Bleeeech. Good luck with Natsci 2. I got Bio1, but I thought the whole genetics shiat was cool. Good for you.

  2. “our Bio lessons turned out to be a story of her and her reproductive issues.” — LOL. 😛

    Boo you for getting a 99 in physics and bio. Honestly, i never enjoyed my bio AND CHEM. Mainly because the teacher is boring, and i never had the interest in knowing what this is made out of. :))

    The only thing I enjoyed about bio was about the genes. I use it all the time in explaining why I’m so tall yet my mom,dad and siblings are not :))

    boo. Schools should be blessed with those kinds of teacher. who knows, maybe students would never cut class =))

    Napaasa ka ba sa chocolate? :)) eto o, *abot chocolate*

  3. nice blog. 🙂
    thanks for the comment on my post.
    will add you in my list as soon as i create a new post. 🙂

  4. sure cge link na kita ha. tnx sa pagvisit at pagcomment 🙂

  5. interesting! now, i know. 🙂

    it’s really nice when professors make an effort to relate the subject matter to everyday topics. it makes the class more enjoyable. 🙂

    natsci2 is way better than natsci1. i had to go take both during my time. enjoy your summer classes! go, go, uno! 😀

  6. waah! i hate biology! hehehe…

  7. Natsci2 is a piece of cake, mate. Haha. Bio is fun, but I enjoyed the geology part more. Prolly cos I’m a boring person. Rocks = no life = boring. Heheh.

    Btw, Eng’g ka din pala. Good luck! I’ll bid our college farewell in a couple of days hehe.

    Thx for droppin by! Added ya in my blogroll.

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