everyone is necessarily the hero of their own life stories.

1. Kwento ng name mo?
To start with, my full name is Jodimer Contreras Gozum. i am the mixture or a part-chinese father and a part-spanish mother. my first name, Jodimer, is an acronym of Jesus our Divine Mercy. my mother is a devotee of such shrine in Mandaluyong City to pray for a guy in the family. before me, they had three children who are girls. After 5 years of praying in the shrine, they had me, magical number 4, a boy. the name Contreras is abundant in the Bicol provinces where my maternal grandparents came from. and, the Gozum is a staple surname in Pampanga.

2. Anong kwento ng last birthday mo?
My last birthday was quite a memorable one, actually. i received 2 wonderful gifts in the form of grades. one of which is a 99 in a statistics exam. and another 98 in the form of a psychology application paper. i do not really celebrate my birthdays through parties. i am just happy eating my favorite kinds of food. last year, it was donuts.

3. Anong kwento ng 1st lovelife mo?
i NEVER had a love life.

4. Anong kwento ng lovelife mo ngayon?
for more information, please see question number three. and, it goes for every question that pertains to love life.

5. Anong kwento ng buhok mo?
my hair, since december, is a bit burgundy in color. before summer, i went to the barber to have my hair cut. now, it is quite back to its natural color, which is dark brown, because i’ve grown my hair na.

6. Anong kwento ng computer mo?

the computer is not mine. 🙂 it is my sister’s this has so many wonderful memories of games like Counter Strike and Warcraft. now, it has Civilization IV and Sim City Societies. this computer is free from any virus. i really think that this pc is so overused. and if it were given the chance to speak, it would say “Bumili na kayo ng bago!”

7. Anong kwento ng kwarto mo?
my room is full of paraphernalia, souvenirs and what-not. i put my old sections door tag on my door. it will be painted tomorrow with mint green and black. i have so many books in my room and you will find them anywhere – the floor, the shelves, the closet. the room is my own sanctuary and this is where i cry, i pray and talk to myself. also, the television is also inside my room. so, now, i can watch as many movies as i want. *evil laugh*

8. Anong kwento mo last Christmas?

sorry. i cannot remember anything about last christmas. all i know is that we were complete as a family and i didn’t have any presents. boo!

9. Anung kwento mo last Valentine’s?
last valentine’s day, i had a 4pm – 7pm exam. if you find anything amusing about a 3-hour long exam and the cramming before that, then, just tell me.

10. Anong kwento ng chinelas na suot mo?
i am wearing the Human Flip-flops. i bought them last summer for the plansem of the org. and have been my very faithful slippers to date. they are becoming more of plain black slippers rather than one with a design. haha.

11. Anong kwento nung una mong nakita yung crush mo?
crush. i dont remember who my first crush was. see, that is how i do not pay attention to anything that has any relation to my love life.

12. Anong kwento sayo ng parents mo tungkol kay Santa Claus?
they never told me stories about Santa Claus. i heard all about him when i was studying na. so i had the knowledge to believe that he does not exist.

13. Anong kwento nung best book na nabasa mo?

my best book is torn between Hope for the Flowers and Eleven Minutes. i was inspired by the story of both books. i was really happy when i realized that i have to best books – one is a children’s book and the other for mature readers.

14. Anong kuwento ng course mo?
originally, i planned to take BS Psychology for a course. however, when i passed UP, i didn’t make the cut so i was accepted to my second choice, IE, instead. through these years and up until now, i really want to transfer to Psych. but, i don’t have the grades to transfer, so i’m stuck with IE. however, i do not regret having to take IE. IE is such an underrated course. and, after i graduate from IE, before i take my master’s degree, i will be pursuing that degree in Psych! yeh!


5 Responses to “everyone is necessarily the hero of their own life stories.”

  1. goodluck sa Psych!
    inadd na pala kita sa aking links.:)

  2. Ni-link na kita. Thanks nga pala sa comment sa layout ko.

    Hmm. Ako naman iba style ko. Cause obviously, we don’t have all the money in the world. So I’ll take a course where I can go abroad. Go abroad, save lots of money. Go back here, start a business. Then take the course I want. Not too old to start studying again. 🙂

  3. salamat sa pagdaan sa kablog. enjoy your life dude! cheers!

  4. utakGAGO Says:

    Astig ah. Parang survey sa Friendster but then you answered it intellectually, so hindi siya mukha nung sa Friendster.


    🙂 Ang trivial ng first name mo! 😛

  5. @utakGAGO

    natuwa naman ako dun sa “you answered it intellectually” na part. haha.

    salamat sa pagcomment EBRIBADI.

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