creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature

to start off, the house is being repainted today. and, my room is the second room to be painted.

my once Ateneo-colored room has now evolved into UST colors. yes, ladies and gentlemen, my room colors are yellow, black and white.

so, right now, i don’t know what to say. i know that i’ve asked it to be painted mint or apple green as it is my favorite color. however, that reminder did not seem to work. i might as well, paint the house with reminders the next time they want to repaint.

i mean that there is nothing wrong with yellow, black and white. but, as it is my room, don’t you think i have enough power to dictate which color i want it to be painted with?

i want to tell you that this is a completely random entry.


i had my ES12 exam last saturday. and to tell you the truth, i have been enjoying every ES12 class. i wouldnt miss one for the world. anyway, i enjoy it not because the teacher is funny or i have a crush on a classmate but i enjoy it because i learn loads of things. unlike ES11, i have a very cool professor. Sir Bok of ES11 is cool, too. however, meeting a professor like Sir Danao changes your perspective on things.

in two or three meetings, we’ve tackled the coverage of the whole exam. he may teach a little too fast but i assure you that you will understand every word he says. and for the rest of the week, we do exercises so that by next saturday, we are well prepared.

the results were out. and i am proud that i got the highest score of all takers. 92% BABY! woohoo.

i really missed the feeling of knowing that you are well prepared for an exam. masarap talaga ang feeling ng nakapag-aral para sa exam. it’s been quite a long while since i felt that way. siguro, IE27 days pa yun.

enough. i have another exam this saturday and i have to study early since i’m going to iBlog4! see you there!


tonight is IE awards night. it is an annual (?) IE department event that honors the graduates and the undergraduates who did well in their project courses.

i helped design the venue, prepare the program and everything else Nats did. maybe, except marketing.

although we were very short of time because of the conflict of schedule, we all pushed through and gave our all for our beloved IE department. 🙂

congrats to Ajee and her group for winning the Product Design and Development project award! wee.

maybe next year, i’ll do great and snatch one of those awards.

i mean, this is a great motivation for IE students to do their best in our projects. wouldn’t it be nice to be honored before many people because of doing well. would it? would it?


anyway, i really need to get a move with my ES12 studying. 🙂

i need to do another high exam grade to raise my chances of getting a 1.something in it. 🙂 yey!


2 Responses to “creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature”

  1. dapat maroooon!
    Anyway, congrats for pawning the exam. 8D

    HahahahaHALIMAW SA MATH.

    (ES is all about math right?)

  2. Good luck with ES12. I barely passed the frkn subject. 51 grade but i passed, nagcurve kasi. Well, you wont need any luck unless you’re one of those brainy kids. hahaa. peace!

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