to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

by the time we get into college, we often think of what we want to do after we finish our degree.

i have also been thinking for quite some time now – try 3 years, of what i want to do after i graduate. and through these three years, a couple of things became solid rather than just abstracts and ideas.

these dreams are very much like goals to me now as they are not merely things that i dream of but they are things i want to achieve. i made a short list of what i want to do after i graduate.

1. Get a Master’s Degree

i don’t want to settle for a bachelor’s degree alone. i am enjoying studying and going to school. after BSIE with Psych units, i am going to take up a master’s degree in Human Resources Management or something that is related to it.

in addition, i want to target foreign universities that offer scholarship to foreign students. therefore, i am not only there to study but to travel as well. also, i would want to experience the education of a foreign country and their culture, too.

2. Be a Bum

haha. i am not choosing this as a profession.

i mean, after almost 20 or so years of studying, don’t i deserve some rest? don’t we all?

kahit 3 months lang.

after school you might want to try be a bum for a month or two. so you might experience what it is being free. i know it might lose the “momentum” of being in the zone. but hey, you can always bring that back.

i think i’ll be a bum for 2 or 3 months. while being a bum, i’ll be searching for the perfect job.

3. Work in HR Department

i couldn’t be more specific with where i want to work. unlike my block mates in college, i am going to pursue a career in Human Resources. it does not sound IE-ish but it is where i want to work. if you would think about it i am a mix of an IE and a Psych undergraduate.

so, normally, i would be entering this field. and only this field. okay, i might consider teaching. haha.

4. Buy Self Something Nice

given that i get a job that i like with a good pay, i would be buying myself something expensive as proof of my income. woohoo. šŸ™‚

it may be a brand new model of phone, a digicam (if i still don’t have one by then) or possibly anything i want at the moment that my income can accommodate.

i would be doing this as this is what i’ve studied for more than 20+ years, to earn money.

and, spending your first salary can give you fulfillment since you’ve bought your own stuff with your OWN money.

or maybe, if i were to feel generous at that time, i might take my friends out and dine or better yet, the family.

5. Save Money then Buy My Parents a House

yes, after buying myself something expensive, the next expensive thing i am going to buy is my parent’s house.

my parents have been dealing with the problem of having to transfer from one house to another. and i don’t want them doing that.

i’ll be buying a house big enough for them and my family. yes. i will be living with them. since i was not able to live with them throughout my growing up process, i will be with them now that i’m grown up.

i won’t be buying myself a car or my own condominium unit. i will first service to my parents and not until then that i would buy anything for myself.

i know that i am not required or expected to do these things, but, it is of my own free will.

6. Adopt a Child

after buying my parents a house and after i saved enough money to raise a child, i’ll be adopting one.

you heard it right, folks. i will not be reason for another person to be born in this world. i would want to nurture a person that is already living. this is not out of promiscuity or fear of commitment. i just do not want to add 1to the ever increasing population of the world.

i don’t care what gender it is or maybe it would be better if it is a boy.

i will raise him as my own. my inclination to picking a boy for a child might be because, growing up, i never had brothers.

i would train him in any sport he would like and be the best in that sport. then maybe he will become school varsity or a member of the Philippine Team.

i will not let him experience the things i’ve experienced as a child. i know that i will be the best father! yes!

7. Send my Cousin to School

this is an alternative path to number 6. my aunt is now negotiating with me regarding my cousin’s college education. does she think that i will be earning that much money? anyway, i am flattered by the way she picked me to sponsor her child’s education.

all i ask of her that he will be studying in UP and only UP. there is no other choice. i do not care what course he will take but he must study in UP.

i know that in my heart all of these things are attainable. once i put my heart into it, i know that i can do wonders. and, if it’s God’s will, it will happen.

i mean, these things are not formulated minutes ago. i’ve been dreaming and thinking of these things after i entered college. these are imprinted on my mind and my heart.

this is the future i want to build – be self-fulfilled, be of service to parents and be of service to others. after i conquer it all, i am proud to say that i have lived my life to the fullest. dreaming of these things alone bring joy what more if i actually put these things into life?


11 Responses to “to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”

  1. U shud change the world of Human Resources through the use of your background in IE, U could improve or even create new HR Concepts!!!

  2. wow. may line up na talaga huh? anyways, I hope makamit mo yung mga goals mo.. esp yung pagtulong mo sa parents mo. I think they really deserve it.

  3. Hope you will achieved your goals!

    comment me if you already link me up so that I can link your blog 2! thanks!

  4. I’m not yet thinking about that kind of stuff yet. Maybe eventually, I will. Thinking about college and my life after college freaks me.

  5. You’ve got high goals! Me too, I want a Master’s degree. šŸ˜€

    And wow Jod, that’s very noble of you — your goals are not self-centered. šŸ™‚ It includes your family (buying them a house!) and adopting a child. You already have a pathway to heaven. Hahahaha. :)I hope your goals come true. You deserve them.

  6. nice. stick to your goal. forget fallbacks, automatic yan na darating if your goals are clear and solid. erase regrets in your vocabulary or else you will have a lot of it, ganun ang buhay, mas marami ang hindi nangyayari sa gusto mong mangyari. keep dreaming, and dream big! šŸ™‚

  7. You’ll be surprised at how your priorities change in a few years.

    10 years ago, I was raring to finish medicine because it was the easiest path towards being a politician.

    It’s surprising how a lot of things have changed that. Especially my idealism.

  8. lupit a.

    di ako masyado nakarelate, inglis kasi. LOL.

    but anyway, hope you will soon realize them. have a courage to try and faith to believe. l

    inked you up na.

  9. hheehe. yeah i was in green last iblog4. tsk sana nakilala kita, no familiar face nga dun eh. hahah

  10. After college, gusto ko na magwork kaagad para makaipon rin agad. Heck, I’m am willing to work part-time kahit nag-aaral pa ako! šŸ˜€


    Bumming is an art. And I’m an artist.

  11. barrycyrus Says:

    i wanna MA too. lol.

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