hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.

i had that very much coveted perfect score in our ES12 second long exam. i know i deserve it. just let me wallow in my pride for a moment.

okay. because of that i had my hair cut. apparently, i was given money to have my hair cut. haha. summer is taking it’s toll on me and even though i had short hair, it still feels hot. naturally, i said that i wanted a semikal cut.

it was the first time that i encountered someone asking me what type of semikal cut i wanted. was it a 1 or a 2. the semikal 1 is a bit shorter than the 2. so, i said that i wanted it to be 2.

hair. the hair is a person’s crowning glory.

i have a lot of stories regarding hair and our hair has a lot of stories about us. first of all, hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. they grow from follicles in our skin.

a healthy hair indicates health and youth. and its color can be associated with our ethnic ancestry.

i know that there are a lot of stories related to hair. but, i have my own story to tell.

last december, i had my hair colored orange. this was for the dance routine we made to compete in the annual engineering dance contest.

the theme was Anime and we picked BLEACH. i was asked to play the part of Ichigo, the anime’s main character. the three other people in the picture are Isada, Iyume and Sado – the anime’s other protagonists.

Bleach is about a high school boy who can see spirits. and eventually, attained the power of death gods who deliver the souls to their rightful place in Soul Society. watch the anime. 😀

it was fun dyeing my hair orange. i really wanted for it to stay that way. however, my mother insisted that we bring it back to its natural color.

i wanted something to be unique about me. and i want it not to be implied but to be shown.

but, then, i realized that i need not show off my uniqueness. it does not settle on hair alone. or the way we dress.

what we are as a person says more than how we dress or what perfume brand that we sport.

if i were to show who i am as a person, i also figured out that orange does not seem to tell everybody about me. what would an orange hair share about me? Orange is said to be shared by people whose aura is of intellectual ambition. or as Theosophy would explain it, orange represents concrete science. or based on Chakra, it is a symbol of a person’s reproductive parts.

neither of these things or any other way of representing orange has any relation to me. so, naturally, i would leave it and let myself be. and, as they always say, let’s make it simple.


4 Responses to “hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.”

  1. what the….(staring at pic..)hehe

  2. show your new hair! 🙂

  3. ahaha. nice hair.
    orange is also the color of rebellion and opposition
    and one of my biology teachers said that a lot of people whose favorite color is orange are sometimes criminals, thats also why prisoners wear the color. well, that’s what she said.. haha

  4. Ikaw pala si Ichigo haha! Hope you had fun in last year’s Indakan! (kami organizer) hehe

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