do you mind if i don’t smoke?

there has been a fair few times that i’ve been invited to try a stick of cigarette.

and, the number of times i’ve turned down such invitation is equal to the number of times i’ve been invited.

i have never smoked nor will i smoke in the future.

the cultural perception of smoking has varied over time – holy yet sinful, sophisticated yet vulgar, a panacea yet a deadly health hazard.

i’ve seen the effects of smoking and trust me, you wouldn’t like it.

smoking, unlike gay rights, have been openly accepted by the public, by the state and by the church. there aren’t any commandments of the church with regards to smoking.

i am not a smoker and i am quite aloof with the thought of it. however, i have friends, a sister and a cousin who smoke, so i still have to deal with them and smoking.

if you do not know, smoking does not only affect the smoker itself. it also affects those who would be inhaling what we call second-hand smoke.

smoking and second-hand smoke bring about diseases of the respiratory system. lung cancer being on the top of the list. it is followed by cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus, bladder and pancreas.

international studies show that of 87% of lung cancer deaths is caused by smoking. and that, 3000 of these deaths are caused by second-hand smoke.

given these effects of smoking, we couldn’t single out smokers. non-smokers are of greater risk as second-hand smoke contains 50 cancer-causing chemicals known to many as carcinogens. most experts believe that moderate, occasional exposure to second-hand smoke presents a low cancer risk to non-smokers, but the risk is more likely to be significant if non-smokers work in an environment where cigarette smoke is prevalent.

there are so many effects of smoking. and given that you can access my site, you can access the sites that can give you a visual of what these effects are.

as much as possible, i try to avoid places where people smoke. or ask people not to smoke in my face. one time, someone who is like a living cigarette rode in the fx i am currently riding. i couldn’t bear the smell. really.

i do not want to smoke; however, i am not stopping you if you want to.

anyway, it is you who will suffer in the end, not me.


7 Responses to “do you mind if i don’t smoke?”

  1. I’m actually kinda irritated to smoke. Every time there’s someone smoking near me, I feel like I’m gonna choke or something.

  2. i agree with you! that’s why i don’t smoke also. pero dahil din kasi mahina ang lungs ko. pero i hate smokers. lalo na yung mga nakakasabay mo sa jeepney na walang pakialam kahit malanghap ng iba yung usok na binubuga nila.

  3. just like how you don’t mind people smoking around you, i bet smokers don’t mind if you don’t. it’s nice that most of the people i know ask “is it ok if i smoke?” before they actually do smoke. it’s just out of respect.

    ohh, btw, that study, 87% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. and 3000 from 2nd hand. kinda weird comparing percentages to actual numbers. just me maybe.

  4. naku. boo to smokers. lalo na yung mga naglalakad while smoking in a very busy street, hay wtf with tlaga

  5. i’m not gonna smoke! EVER! hahaha.

    you should have posted the gruesome blackened lungs here..

    oh and
    “there arenโ€™t any commandments of the church with regards to smoking.” — there actually is, thou shall not kill.. the 6th commandment.

  6. Hellooooo! I tagged you! Punta ka sa blog ko para sa rules… ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. smoking? thanks but no thanks.. I definitely do not want to have a wasted life because of a wasted lungs. Good day ๐Ÿ˜€

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