knowing others is intelligence; knowing thyself is wisdom.

i got tagged.

  • Each blogger must post these rules first.
  • Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
  • Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

i think that i will be making this blog entry rather than doing this for the sake of being tagged.

1. I can do a Valdez, a frontwalk and a handstand.

one of my goals in life is to find out the things the human body can do. i am, in turn, a frustrated gymnast and a frustrated break dancer combined. i am somewhat mediocre in the field but compared to normal people, i have superb tumbling abilities. haha. 😀 peace all.

the following picture is edited through photoshop (by poor me). it was taken in bolinao, pangasinan. and it is a frustrated attempt to do a handstand.

2. I am still a believer of World Peace.

the idealistic me seems to be surfacing once more. i have every opportunity at night to pray for such event to happen and i am pretty sure that the Lord will grant this request. if only more people would join me as i pray. common, it’s not that hard to imagine. *labo*

3. This is the busiest, yet, best summer i ever had.

although i enrolled for summer just after i ended my second semester, i am having the time of my life. i made mistakes in the previous semester and i think i’ve learned enough. this is the busiest because i’ve been concerned with different extra-curricular activities like helping out with the IE Awards Night and being the organization representative to the Freshman Orientation Program Committee. and now, i am the department correspondent for the college publication.

i am not busy with extra-curriculars alone, you have been with me through my ups (and soon to be, downs) with ES12.

i am happy with how the way things are turning out.

4. I am a veteran in avoiding drinking during drinking sessions.

to be not necessarily a kill joy, i am best in pretending that i’ve been drinking even though i really don’t. holding a glass with water is the best way to avoid shots and tagays! or in time of strawberry vodka, a strawberry juice in hand is the best disguise.

5. I have a strong sense of smell for alcohol.

you can never fool me about not having to pour alcohol in my drink. even the smallest concentration of it makes me smirk.

i remember at a party, a friend tried to fool me by putting a very small amount of vodka in my coke. i knew that they were planning this kind of thing ever since they knew that i would never drink. turns out, a teaspoon of vodka in a glass of coke still smelled strong of alcohol for me.

then on, they wouldn’t dare try something like that again.

6. UP and IE are not my original choices for a school and a course.

i’ve told many people that it is Ateneo that i want to go to and Psych that i want to take. one comes with the other.

i wouldn’t go to Ateneo if i will not be taking Psych. but, i can go to UP and take up Psych. only, i would prefer Ateneo.

i wouldn’t go to Ateneo and take up ME. i would better go to UP and take up IE. for this, i would prefer going to UP.

that’s all. im not bitter pala. im done with bitterness. i’ve moved on. haha. *labo*

7. I am a Jason Mraz fan!

need i say more?

i’ve been listening to his two albums, Mr.A-Z and Waiting for My Rocket to Come, all week. and, i heard that he will be releasing a new album soon. or was that just gossip to make us fans disheartened?

8. My most favorite color is green.

not because i’m green-minded. it’s just that i’m attracted to the color. i know that blue, red or any other color is beautiful. but we all have our preferences. and, it is one of the things that i cannot explain. to be more specific, mint green or apple green.

basta, gusto ko ang green. tapos.

9. I am online almost 4 – 5 hours a day.

we have unlimited internet services and as there are no other people in the house who would use the internet, i have been exploiting the opportunity.

i have been productive din naman. a lot of our group conversations and brainstorming sessions were done online. and i had so many papers to write. so normally, i would be logging into YM or any other instant messaging service while i’m at it.

10. I want to be inside the PBB house!

this is the random-est thing i ever thought of. but, its true. haha.


7 Responses to “knowing others is intelligence; knowing thyself is wisdom.”

  1. hahaha. ^_^ the number 5 and 7 lang yung nakakarelate ako.

    i’m a fan of jason mraz also, pero few of his songs lang yung trip ko. and i have also a strong sense of smell when it comes to liquor.

    huwaw. ^_6 kewlness. nice tag.

  2. Ayus ah!
    Ako din ay fan ni Jason Mraz.
    Makakapasok ka din ng PBB house. Malay mo diba?

  3. who are the eight btw?
    i’m sorry to say, i don’t like green. >_<
    and, i think i’m online longer than you. =p

  4. barrycyrus Says:

    come to UP. lol.


    And that’s because I hate my course… and my school. This is freaking me out, seriously.

  6. jod. nakakatakot ka pala. hindi kita mareach. hahaha. ang taas mo. at inayawan mo ang UP ha?? hehehe.

    I love alcohol yeah pero im an occasional drinker lang. alcohol is yes yes, smoking and cigarettes, NO NO. 🙂

  7. Srsly, I wanna go insinde the PBB house too. But not as a contestant. Wala lang. Just for the hell of going inside that house.

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