we are what we think; with our thoughts, we make our world.

i was on my usual surfing and i did not have enough experiences to create an entry that is good enough.

so, i stumbled upon a site that generates thought provoking questions – more like Icebreaker type of questions. so, i listed them down and i will try to answer them as “honest” as possible.

1. What does it mean to you to allow another person to fully love you?

this is one of those few times i am willing to answer a question about love. to me, it means that you should be very vulnerable. not to the extent that you would be weakened by his absence. but, being vulnerable to the fact that you would be letting him/her know you inside and out. because, if not, you would not be fully loved. siguro, partially lang. πŸ™‚

2. Why is it hard to be not in the control of everything?

because, naturally, as people, we want certainty. and, not being in control leaves us in the state of, you guessed it right, uncertainty.

3. What are three “nevers” of your life?

Never drank.

Never smoked.

Never will.

4. Do you think God has a sense of humor?

for me, God has the best sense of humor in all of Earth or up above. he makes things that are ironic in nature. he created gays and the church. he created peace and war. isn’t that funny enough?

5. Is it better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all?

i guess. not being able to love does not give you any experience to say that loving and losing is better. i mean, for those who did not experience to love and lose, there will be no comparison.

however, when you have loved and lost, maybe, it is only then that you can say that it is better (or worse) than not loving at all.

for me, not having known how to love and lose, would definitely say that my experience of not having to love at all is fun and enjoyable.

6. Where do you find refuge?

believe it or not, i find it in me. *haha* as long as i can remember, it’s been me all through the years. having nobody to talk to, i relied on my self for comfort, sympathy and other words synonymous to comfort and sympathy.

i also find refuge in prayer. being alone all the time, i talk to my best friend, God.

7. What is it that we fear most about death?

for me, it is the uncertainty of what will happen.

8. Why is truly loving someone difficult to do?

it is because of what we stand for and what we believe in. we would want to love people who would fit into our beliefs. also, we cannot neglect the effect of personal biases.

9. Why are dreams so important?

they are very important because they give us something to look forward to or having something to work for. it may be one of the motivations people still live in the world.

10. If you could ask God just one question, what would it be?


11. What is the most recent truth that you’ve learned about yourself?

i realized that i had wrong priorities. and that i am not being the student i once was. that was not so though provoking, was it?

12. Is anything every really random?

for me, it is not. i believe that everything that we are going through is already written. by whom, i don’t know. where, i don’t know. i just believe that whatever our decision may be or whatever situation we are in, it is because they are meant to happen. the reasons behind why they happen may not be as clear as the situations itself.

13. How do you love yourself unconditionally?

i really love myself. call it vain, but not being able to love thyself does not give you the right to appreciate or love others. how can you love others and not love yourself?

anyway, to answer the question i would just accept the mistakes i had and learn from them. there is not point in blaming yourself with how things turned out. also, i try to keep myself healthy from diseases and bad thoughts. loving yourself is not only emotional but also spiritual and physical in a way.

14. When is being simple not enough?

when you know you have more to show.

15. What matters most in life?

honestly, doing what you love.


2 Responses to “we are what we think; with our thoughts, we make our world.”

  1. I like your answer in question no. 4. πŸ˜€

  2. “honestly, doing what you love”

    yeah. I agree πŸ˜€

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