the one who cannot restrain their anger will wish undone, what their temper and irritation prompted them to do.

i am a mild-tempered person.

my anger thermometer does not react to the presence of minute nuisance.

however, there still are things that make me irk. and, i get easily irritated.

1. People In Front of Me Who Walk So Slooooooooooooow

i walk in the middle of the road so that i can overtake. however, there are people who walk so slow and cover these areas too.

< if > Parents with Children

don’t you know that you are not setting a good example for your children? and that, sloth is one of the mortal sins? please do not walk at the center of the road if you and your child is on a field trip. if you want to ogle at things like animals in a zoo, go to the park. you will find things there more amusing.

< if > Lovers

please. the motel room not big enough that you need to slow things down on the road, too? or can you not hold your hands so as people can pass?

please do not PDA while walking. surely, we can see that you cannot multi-task. if you can’t, well just pick whatever you want to do. if you want to walk, then fine. if you want to do something else, go find a room!

2. People Smoking inside the Jeepney

is the world not big enough for you to smoke that you need a jeepney? also, there is a law that prohibits smoking in a public utility vehicle.

can you not deduce that people want you to stop smoking and throw your cigarette in the trash can (i also disapprove of smoker littering their sticks of cigarette) when we cover our noses with handkerchief? or are you just plain, walang pakialam.

if you are unaware of such thing, i hope that you die of lung cancer or some other respiratory disease. it will eventually happen to them. only, i said it first.

3. For FX with Malfunctioning Aircon

hey! we did ride the FX for its aircon right? so, an FX without an aircon is not necessarily correct.

what happened to what we paid for?

i did not pay 20pesos to sweat like a leaking faucet.

slow walkers, PUV smokers and malfunctioning FXs aren’t the only things that irritate me. however, my level of irritation for them is so high that they are the only ones i remembered.

one day, i just might lose my temper and walk-out.


4 Responses to “the one who cannot restrain their anger will wish undone, what their temper and irritation prompted them to do.”

  1. I hate people smoking inside the jeepney! Whenever that happens, I start a conversation with my friend or whoever I’m with about second hand smoking. Parinig. Aren’t they aware that they’re not the only person in the jeep? Sheesh.

    Btw, by average kami ngayon. Last year kasi, shuffling.

  2. people who smoke inside the jeep really gets into my nerves.. I totally show them that I am irritated..

  3. we’re the same on those three items. it makes me irritated easily…

  4. In Europe, i think there are designated places to smoke, i think it should be applied here also. as for slow walking people, it doesnt hurt to slow down once a while but when im in school and in a hurry, it really pisses me off that some namely females are like having a procession and really they dont mind hogging the whole wide space…tsk x3

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