those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life.

the first semester of my fourth year in college is just around the corner.

everybody is so excited once the CRS (computerized registration system) results are out. as much as possible, each would pray that he/she would get the full 18 units in CRS so as not to wait in line during enrollment to get their needed classes.

i, for one, am lucky to have enlisted in those full 18 units. and, if you have experience with CRS you will definitely say that i am very lucky.

to see a clearer version, right click the picture then click “view image”. voila!

dont be overwhlemed by the number of letters in the subject. the last three letters are the sections. TH means that the class is held every Tuesday and Thursday while the WF ones are on Wednesday and Friday. the last letter tells you the time slot. every letter corresponds to a different time slot. these letters starts with Q for the 7-830am classes then R for the 830-10am classes and so on.

however, i do not think i am ready for school to open, yet. i haven’t been able to enjoy vacation and i have not been to somewhere i’ve never been to before.

but, the fact that i was not the student once was, i wanted to take revenge. and, i want to start it as early as i can. i mean, i dont want to be the same as i was in third year. i now that i havent been studying that hard. and now, i want to do the opposite.


4 Responses to “those who get lost on the way to school will never find their way through life.”

  1. congrats. ur incoming 4th year na pala. lapit na matapos šŸ™‚ gudlak sa schooling šŸ™‚

  2. kengkay Says:

    congrats, last year in college na! welcome sa WPP!

  3. Hehe. Ilang sem na rin akong naging maswerte sa CRS. ‘Yung mga tipong nasa 100+ na ‘yung nae-enlist pero nakukuha ko pa rin kahit less than 30 students lang ‘yung dapat kunin. Woo. Bad trip nga lang ako sa CRS ngayon. I failed to get my Econ 102 class. Sad. Ayoko pa naman ng prof doon sa subject na ‘yun. šŸ˜

  4. @kengkay

    this is not my last year. haha. i have two years pa after this year. haha.

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