housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it

the moment i opened my eyes, my brain told me to get up and make some lame excuse to get out of the house. i have been quarantined inside this house for almost two weeks. and, by the end of the first week, i was having this unknown sickness.

i thought that maybe it is nice to go out for a change. to leave this house and do nothing for a day. for the last month, this house is being repainted. and, the final touches are on their way. today, i didnt want to hold a paintbrush, have paint stains on my body and bath with thinner in the afternoon.

however, i cannot think of some reason to go out. and, i dont know where to go either.

so, trapped again inside this building, i decided to continue with the painting.

everybody knows that i am not skilled when it comes to household chores. the only chore i like doing is to wash the dishes. i do not like sweeping the floor because the sweep is too short and it gives me back aches. i do not like dusting because i do not like dust, in general. i do not like mopping because i feel like Cinderella. in short, when it comes to the household, i am very lazy.

but, not with painting. last week was the first compliment i got for doing a household chore. they said i do not waste paint. or i am a thrifty painter.

that was the first and the last compliment i ever heard. after that, i was so lazy in doing this and doing that.

anyway, today, i decided to paint my door. i didnt want it to be just plain black. so, i figured to do this art ive been doing since high school.

i can’t show it to you now. you can come by the house later and ill show it to you. hah. 😀

no matter how i try, i guess i am not a born cleaner. i am a natural at painting, though.

so now, until enrollment, i guess i would be staying inside the house and finish this up. i am going to help so as not to extend this painting session until classes start. that would be a whole lot of hassle for me.

i wish everyday was painting day. 🙂


One Response to “housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don’t do it”

  1. mejo pulido ako in mopping and sweeping but most of the time, i tend to get lazy, lazier and lazier everyday actually.. :l

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