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the key to change is to let go of fear.

Posted in life stories on 6June2008 by jod

im leaving you.

well, if you might think of following, you can just click the link.


there are two levers for moving men: interest oand fear.

Posted in life stories on 4June2008 by jod

i am losing interest in this blog.

it is not who i am anymore. and more often than not, i face the pressure of creating a somewhat decent entry. as much as i wanted to be a bit different, it is just not who i am.

now, i must do something before i finally decide to put a stop to all this writing.

remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.

Posted in life stories on 3June2008 by jod

i am almost done with enrollment. with one subject to go, i can’t wait to get this academic year started.

this is how it is in UP. enrollment pa lang, pinahihirapan ka na. but when you get to the classes themselves, it was all worth it.

My Expectations:

the fourth installment of college life comes with more responsibilities. thus, provides more avenue of proving myself worthy of being called an iskolar ng bayan not only in the academe but also in other aspects that makes up a well-rounded individual.

these responsibilities will help test my new priorities. and, as i progress, these priorities will eventually surface and help define me as a person.

also, i expect a lot of trouble coming my way. school does not mean you wake up, take a bath, go to school, go home then sleep. it is a lot more than that. aside from school, we also have different commitments to different people. if ever i do not take my time management abilities to a higher level, i might be in for a lot of surprises.

i like everything planned. so, i guess i would be more organized this year than the preceding ones. i don’t want to go through all the things i’ve been to last year.

What is Expected of Me:

i am expected to be a good student, son and citizen. haha.

these may not be verbally stated but very much implied inside the house.

as i expect more responsibilities i will be eventually turned into a good student. a better outlook and list of priorities will help me be the student i once was. nerdy, yes. but not delinquent.

also, being able to reach the second decade of my life here on earth. i am also expected to be a more responsible adult. help with household chores. yada-yada-yada.

i cant help but be a good example to my younger cousins and prove to be worth of such role.